Increased presence in the market


We are increasing the presence in the market and improving the customer relations and support. By scaling down the agent network and increasing the direct contact between the yard and the buyer we can offer an improved customer support and a reinforced buying experience. The new organizational setup will lead to a leaner and smoother process for the buyer with fast and accurate answers to all questions appearing when customizing a new Najad. For some countries/areas it’s still beneficial for all parties to have an agent engaged. Listed below is a detailed description on the markets handled by Najad International Sales directly and those handled through an agent.

Najad International Sales;
Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Germany, Benelux Area, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain and Asia-Pacific.

Contact details:
Telephone : +46 (0)705 55 21 16


Najad appointed agents;
Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and North America.

Contact details: available on the updated Contact page

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