Najad launches N505 CC NEXT GENERATION


Continuing the success of the N505 CC Najad are very proud to announce the N505 CC NEXT GENERATION! The NEXT GENERATION includes a vast number of updates and improvements all over the yacht, from increased amount of natural light, improved technical installations, larger winch sizes and much more. All in all, the N505 CC NEXT GENERATION is simply the best 50 feet sailing yacht on the market today!


A short selection of the many improvements:

  • Four additional skylights – one in saloon, one in aft cabin suite, one in forward super cabin and one in optional guest cabin.
  • Two additional portlights in cabin roof facing saloon.
  • Four additional portlights in cockpit – on large facing aft cabin suite, two openable facing galley and one openable facing aft head.
  • One additional portlight in hull facing galley.
  • All glass brighter for more natural light in the whole boat.
  • Companionway sliding hatch in hardened laminated glass for natural light. Washboard in hardened laminated glass and spring loaded with stepless height setting.
  • New companionway with leaner staircase for improved floor area in saloon and better walk thru to navigational station and galley.
  • New rudder release shape on aft edge for minimal vibrations in steering wheel and faster sailing.
  • Re-location of batteries for easy access and maintenance.
  • All relevant technical installations such as pumps, inverters, generators, fuses, electrical panels etc. re-located to engine compartment. For easy access, good maintenance possibilities and well insulated for lower noise.
  • Improved head room, 20 mm in the whole boat.
  • Improved length of berths in forward and aft cabin, 21 and 19 mm respectively. Wider berths in guest cabin, 50 mm.
  • Larger floor area in guest cabin.
  • Larger door between galley and aft cabin with improved headroom.
  • Larger tanks; +160 liters fuel tank, +170 liters fresh water tank, +15 liters holding tanks.
  • Upgraded winches, i.e. primary winches Andersen 68 ST, secondary winches Andersen 52 ST and halyard winches Andersen 46 ST.
  • Additional deck storage at the transom.
  • Larger table in cockpit.
  • Front loaded fridge/freezer.
  • 47 more options to choose from. For instance; dishwasher, induction cooktop, larger fridge/freezer, more powerful main engine, additional cleats, sails combinations, more entertainment, CCTV, enhanced navigation kit, bus systems, arch on aft deck etc.
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